Tax Fraud Days of Action 2021

The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters joined UBC members across the United States and Canada to raise awareness for construction industry tax fraud. Check out highlights from IKORCC Tax Fraud Days of Action events in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Indiana Tax Fraud Day of Action Event

The Tax Fraud Day of Action event in Indianapolis was a tremendous success. Business representatives and members of the IKORCC Executive Board spent a few hours educating lawmakers on tax fraud, with a special emphasis on solutions to tax fraud. Of the 150 elected officials invited, 62 lawmakers, both republican and democrat, visited the event and learned more about construction industry tax fraud. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett also attended the event.

The Indiana event was held at the Indiana State House atrium. To drive attendance to the event, IKORCC reps handed out tax fraud toolbox/lunchboxes packed with concrete solutions to fight tax fraud. The theme of the giveaway was, “You already have all the tools you need to fight tax fraud”. The toolboxes were a big driver to our event.

The solutions inside included: enforcing existing laws, creating a tax fraud task force, sharing information amongst government agencies and responsible bidder ordinances or RBOs.

In addition to the in-person event, the IKORCC created a new website, endtaxfraud.com. The website focuses on the actual solutions to tax fraud and what lawmakers and the public can do to help.


Kentucky Tax Fraud Day of Action Events

We held a two day Tax Fraud Awareness event in Louisville, Kentucky this year. On the first day, we visited a dorm under construction at the University of Louisville, with predominantly union subcontractors. We educated members of all crafts about Tax Fraud and how important it is to get involved politically with elected officials to help eliminate this illegal business model. It was an extremely successful event. We also educated and built relationships with company management teams.

On the second day, we took our messaging to a non-union led job site in Louisville. We used this as an opportunity to educate owners, workers and management teams while also gathering info on Labor Brokers, potential future members, and accurate counts of employees being paid cash or with a 1099. This gave us a new angle on how to fight tax fraud.

Ohio Tax Fraud Day of Action Event

Tax Fraud Days of Action in Columbus was a successful day of educating legislators and the public on why tax fraud is a danger to everyone. Legislators from both sides of the aisle and even some who we didn’t have a previous relationship with us, showed up to learn more about tax fraud. Legislators loved the tax fraud lunchboxes and were excited to talk about upcoming projects in their areas and what our organization has going on.

All IKORCC Representatives onsite had legislators from their area represented in the turnout.

Check out a video interview with Democrat House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes about tax fraud.

Here is another video with Republican House Representative Jay Edwards

Former Industrial Representative and UBC instructor Steve Griffith also stopped by and gave us an interview.

IKORCC Leadership Visits Anderson Wood

Today IKORCC EST Todd Pancake, IN/KY Assistant Director Charles Davis and Chief-of-Staff Matt McGriff visited and toured the Anderson Wood plant in Louisville, KY. Anderson Wood owners Dave and Ben Anderson gave the tour. They met to show support and partnership with our Industrial market. Local 2501 Anderson Wood

The IKORCC is proud to work with Anderson Wood. Anderson Wood has been a leader in hardwood dimension for over a century, providing a wide array of products manufactured from sustainable American hardwoods.

They supply architectural millwork for some of America’s most prestigious buildings, and also produce institutional furniture and residential millwork that includes strong commitments to dormitory furniture and stair components.

Members working at Anderson Wood are part of Industrial Local 2501.

Read more about Anderson Wood on their website.

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Solicitudes de becas ahora abiertas

Las solicitudes ya están abiertas para el programa de becas IKORCC. Se otorgarán cuarenta becas de $ 1,000 en 2021 a los hijos dependientes de los miembros elegibles. Veinte de las becas se otorgan en base a estudios académicos y otras veinte por sorteo al azar.

Las becas escolares del Concilio Regional de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio se otorgan con base en el 60% del promedio de calificaciones de la escuela secundaria y el 40% en puntajes SAT o ACT. Se seleccionarán veinte becas mediante sorteo al azar.

La beca se utilizará únicamente con fines educativos en forma de matrícula, alojamiento y comida o libros.

Los hijos, hijas e hijos dependientes de miembros del Consejo Regional de Carpinteros y Millwrights de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio son elegibles para becas siempre que:

  • El padre o tutor es ahora y ha sido un miembro acreditado del Consejo Regional de Carpinteros de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio durante al menos un año.
  • El hijo, la hija o el hijo dependiente es un estudiante de último año de secundaria.
  • El hijo, la hija o el hijo dependiente asistirá a un colegio, universidad o escuela vocacional como estudiante de tiempo completo.
  • La solicitud se recibe en la oficina del Concilio antes del viernes 19 de marzo de 2021.

Todas las aplicaciones deben incluir:

Formulario de solicitud firmado y fechado
Certificado firmado de un funcionario sindical local
Certificado firmado por el director de la escuela secundaria
Transcripciones oficiales de la escuela secundaria con promedio de calificaciones puntajes SAT o ACT
Registro de actividades extraescolares
Haga clic aquí para descargar el Programa de Becas de IKORCC

Las solicitudes de becas deben recibirse antes del viernes 19 de marzo de 2021 en la Oficina del Consejo de Greenwood, ubicada en 771 Greenwood Springs Drive, Greenwood, Indiana 46143.

Thank You Healthcare Heroes

As states continue to reopen and coronavirus cases surge in many areas, healthcare workers are still battling COVID-19.

To show our appreciation for their continued dedication, we’ve thanked over 60 hospitals across Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio. To our current and future ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) partners, thank you for working on the frontlines. The importance of infection control during hospital construction has always been an integral part of our training & we are proud to partner with so many amazing facilities that put patient safety first.

Learn more about our Infection Control Risk Assessment training or our 8-hour ICRA classes at ikorcc.com/ICRA


Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Distributions

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Distributions In the wake of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, the president signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security […]

Building our Future with Skills USA

When it comes to recruiting the best & brightest apprentices, hosting Skills USA competitions all over Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio is a great place to start. The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters hosted Skills USA competitions in Richfield, Rossford, Columbus, Monroe, Merrillville, and Greenwood. More competitions are scheduled in Kentucky in the coming weeks as well.

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We need your help to protect working families like yours. The Kentucky State House is considering House Bill 397, which penalizes commercial contractors caught cheating on bid day by treating employees as subcontractors. It levels the playing field so law-abiding contractors can keep you working. Kentucky residents, call your State Representative at 1-800-372-7181 & tell them to support HB 397.


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