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The Carpenters Union benefits are some of the best in the construction industry. Our members receive a living wage, good working conditions, and great benefits that allow them to provide a way of life for them and their families. 

Health benefits include medical, dental, prescription drug, vision, accident and sickness coverage, and life insurance. These benefits start after meeting the requirements of the plan.

The Carpenters Annuity Funds provide supplemental retirement income for participating carpenters. Each plan is an individual account to which employers make contributions for each hour that a participant works. Typically, as a member you may not access your account until you retire or have left the Plan. 

The Carpenters Pension Fund provides a monthly benefit to you once you retire to help supplement your Social Security, personal savings and annuity benefits. As a participant you can earn a retirement benefit that will provide you with a monthly income when you stop working at retirement age, or sooner if you retire with a service pension or stop working due to a disability. This benefit is based on contributions made to the Pension Fund by your employer on your behalf.

Indiana and Kentucky Ohio

Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Benefit Office

700 Tower Drive Suite 300
Troy, Michigan 48098

(800) 700-6756

Ohio Carpenters Health Fund

700 Tower Drive Suite 300
Troy, Michigan 48098

Phone: 855.837.3528 or 248.641.4967