Richfield Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Richfield, Ohio winners!


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Columbus Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Columbus, Ohio winners!

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Monroe Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Monroe, Ohio!

Hobart Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Hobart, Indiana winners! General Carpentry – Edward Livergood, Local 1485; Interior systems – Juan Miranda, Local 1485; Millwright – Matthew Michels Local 1076.

Warsaw Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2016 Warsaw, Indiana winners! General Carpentry – Kenny Allison, Local 615; Interior systems – Jose Mendez-Flores, Local 232; and Millwright – Kyle Van Ness Jr., Local 1076

Greenwood Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Greenwood/Indianapolis winners! L-R Director of Education Todd Pancake;General Carpentry: Craig Whitaker, Interior Systems: Arie Perez, Millwright: Josiah Wooden.

Louisville Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Louisville winners! Millwright: Casey Adams (Local 1076), General Carpentry: Henry Schultz-Eggenspiller (Local 175), Interior Systems: Jonathan “Kyle” Watkins (Local 1650).

Newburgh Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations on our 2017 Newburgh open house apprenticeship competition winners! Millwright: Mario Leachman (Local 1076), General Carpentry: Matt Hoogsteen (Local 224), Interior Systems: Adam Kinney (Local 224).

IKORCC Training Ensures Excellence From All Members

The right people doing the right thing are directly correlated with the amount of training they receive. For the hardworking men and women of the carpentry brotherhood, training never ends.

Training is required on a yearly basis due to the constantly changing environment that carpentry represents. Every year new rules, equipment and technology enter the field requiring everyone to be up to date on the latest trends.

“It’s not just us who go to training but everyone,” says IKORCC Senior Manager Thomas Dorsey. “There is always something new to learn or something that is updated that we all have to be aware and knowledgeable of.”

Every year carpenters from across the country make a visit to Las Vegas to visit the Carpenter’s International Center. This million square foot, over 300 room facility is considered the hub of all things IKORCC and provides state-of-the-art training facilities and classrooms to ensure that both new and current generations of carpenters are properly prepared to face all challenges in the field.

“The IKORCC pays to have us fly down to the center for training,” says IKORCC Dorsey. “Just as they pay to create yearly up-to-date textbooks for students, they are always ensuring that those wanting to follow the carpentry path are knowledgeable, have plenty of learning materials in front of them and above all, are always prepared to enter the workforce to the best of their ability.”

Along with carpentry and construction skills, the ITC is also equipped to teach classes for specialty areas. While courses for interior systems and commercial work are offered, plenty of certified courses such as gas- and steam turbine installation are also offered.

“There are plenty of speciality courses offered for those learning and refining their craft but there’s even more offered on top of that,” says Dorsey. “There are courses designed to teach project management, productivity and communication, all of which essential skills for carpenters and leaders to remain successful in their field.

The ITC is not only an investment for the IKORCC but for every carpenter who works within the field of carpentry. In this ever changing field it’s more important to stay up to date and knowledgeable in order to provide only the best when it comes to building the places we live, work and enjoy.


Carpenters advocate for hands-on educational opportunities in schools

LEBANON, Ind. – Earlier this month, Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) training director, Todd Pancake, was a featured presenter at an Elevating Work & Learn in Indiana event at Lebanon High School. Pancake gave an overview of the IKORCC apprenticeship program.

“It was a great honor to be invited to speak at the event,” said Pancake. Among others, both Governor Mike Pence and Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann addressed attendees.

Elevating Work & Learn in Indiana targets residents in Indiana in an effort to educate them on potential career opportunities. It encourages schools, businesses and educators to create and identify opportunities to expose individuals seeking employment to viable work environments.

During his presentation, Pancake discussed the model of the IKORCC apprenticeship as a great example of a “work and learn” environment that fuels the pipeline for “high-wage, high-demand” careers in the construction industry.

“Our apprenticeship program,” said Pancake, “has so much to offer in terms of being a great model of how to marry classroom training with real on-the-job experiences. We are thrilled to share with others what we are doing.”

Fourth year carpenter apprentice, Kraig Bergman, shared the value the apprenticeship program has had on his ongoing career.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to increase work and learn opportunities throughout the state for future generations through our partnerships with the Indiana Career Council and Works Councils,” said IKORCC member and Indiana Region 6 Works Council member Tim Conley.

For more detailed information, please contact Tim Conley at