Stadium Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl week and we are celebrating by looking at the amazing NFL football stadiums union carpenters, millwrights and floorlayers have built in Indiana and Ohio. 🏈

Check out First Energy Stadium (home of the Cleveland Browns), Paul Brown Stadium (Home of the Cincinnati Bengals) and Lucas Oil Stadium (Home of the Indianapolis Colts).

Fast Facts:

First Energy Stadium home of the Cleveland Browns
Cleveland, Ohio
Completed in 1999, renovated in 2013
Turner Construction, General Contractor
Cost: $283 million
Capacity: 67,895
Suites: 143
Square Feet: 1.64 million

Paul Brown Stadium home of the Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati, Ohio
Completed in 2000
Turner Construction, General Contractor
Cost: $385 million
Capacity: 65,535
Suites: 144
Square Feet: 1.85 million

Lucas Oil Stadium home of the Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis, Indiana
Completed in 2008
Hunt Construction, General Contractor
Cost: 720 million
Capacity: 67,000
Suites: 139
Square Feet: 1.8 million


2020 Magazine

Korey Luttman Carpenters

Korey Luttman Inspires Crowd at Graduation

For Local 301’s Korey Luttman, the things he learned in his apprenticeship weren’t just a way to make money, they were a metaphor for his life. He shared his inspiring story of courage and perseverance at the Indiana/Kentucky graduation in October.

“It’s important to build your life on a solid foundation and have structure to keep you stable. When all the weight of the world is on your shoulders, this will keep you firm and stable in your life,” Korey said.

Korey’s foundation was not solid. He was raised in a broken home with parents that suffered from drug addiction. He jumped from school to school, without guidance he was angry and eventually started using drugs and getting into trouble with the police. By the age of 20, he was in prison. “During this point in my life, I was so lost and confused. But I knew I wanted more for myself.”

When he was released from prison, he focused on that goal. He got his life together, married his best friend Lindsey, had a baby girl and started building a future. Despite the better direction, he struggled with supporting his family. His landscaping job had low pay and no benefits. Then, a friend introduced him to Gary Trout, an IKORCC business rep.

Korey was nervous on the way to his interview. “It’s hard to find a job when you’ve served time,” he said. Then, Gary told him what the union is about and that was, “not judging people from their past, but accepting who they are in the present”.

Shortly after Korey started his apprenticeship, but the stresses of having a new baby, attending school and working sent him down a bad path. “During the 2nd year of my apprenticeship, the cracks of my foundation started to show and I turned back to alcohol and drugs to help me cope. I was putting a band-aid on something that needed stitches,” he said.

Korey said it was at this time God intervened. He joined a church, found his true identity and truly started building his life on a solid foundation. In February, Korey will celebrate three years of sobriety. Today, he gives back to the community by helping people overcome their addictions and find meaning in their lives.

His graduation speech was truly moving. We encourage you to watch the full video below:


Solicitudes de becas ahora abiertas

Las solicitudes ya están abiertas para el programa de becas IKORCC. Se otorgarán cuarenta becas de $ 1,000 en 2021 a los hijos dependientes de los miembros elegibles. Veinte de las becas se otorgan en base a estudios académicos y otras veinte por sorteo al azar.

Las becas escolares del Concilio Regional de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio se otorgan con base en el 60% del promedio de calificaciones de la escuela secundaria y el 40% en puntajes SAT o ACT. Se seleccionarán veinte becas mediante sorteo al azar.

La beca se utilizará únicamente con fines educativos en forma de matrícula, alojamiento y comida o libros.

Los hijos, hijas e hijos dependientes de miembros del Consejo Regional de Carpinteros y Millwrights de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio son elegibles para becas siempre que:

  • El padre o tutor es ahora y ha sido un miembro acreditado del Consejo Regional de Carpinteros de Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio durante al menos un año.
  • El hijo, la hija o el hijo dependiente es un estudiante de último año de secundaria.
  • El hijo, la hija o el hijo dependiente asistirá a un colegio, universidad o escuela vocacional como estudiante de tiempo completo.
  • La solicitud se recibe en la oficina del Concilio antes del viernes 19 de marzo de 2021.

Todas las aplicaciones deben incluir:

Formulario de solicitud firmado y fechado
Certificado firmado de un funcionario sindical local
Certificado firmado por el director de la escuela secundaria
Transcripciones oficiales de la escuela secundaria con promedio de calificaciones puntajes SAT o ACT
Registro de actividades extraescolares
Haga clic aquí para descargar el Programa de Becas de IKORCC

Las solicitudes de becas deben recibirse antes del viernes 19 de marzo de 2021 en la Oficina del Consejo de Greenwood, ubicada en 771 Greenwood Springs Drive, Greenwood, Indiana 46143.

Thank You Healthcare Heroes

As states continue to reopen and coronavirus cases surge in many areas, healthcare workers are still battling COVID-19.

To show our appreciation for their continued dedication, we’ve thanked over 60 hospitals across Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio. To our current and future ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) partners, thank you for working on the frontlines. The importance of infection control during hospital construction has always been an integral part of our training & we are proud to partner with so many amazing facilities that put patient safety first.

Learn more about our Infection Control Risk Assessment training or our 8-hour ICRA classes at ikorcc.com/ICRA


Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Distributions

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Distributions In the wake of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, the president signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security […]

Building our Future with Skills USA

When it comes to recruiting the best & brightest apprentices, hosting Skills USA competitions all over Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio is a great place to start. The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters hosted Skills USA competitions in Richfield, Rossford, Columbus, Monroe, Merrillville, and Greenwood. More competitions are scheduled in Kentucky in the coming weeks as well.

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