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Carpenters Help Open New Veteran's Museum

  • lnix
  • 12 December 2018

Thanks to local carpenters, the doors are now open at the new Veteran's Museum at the Tri-Town Safety Village in Schererville, Indiana. 

The museum houses a wide array of war artifacts and pays tribute to veterans. The museum will be a learning center where visitors can learn about the many sacrifices made by veterans. Additionally, the museum will provide each visitor with an in-depth look at how soldiers lived during wartime. The objective is to promote patriotism, unity, and to leave each visitor with a lasting appreciation towards veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made.

This would not be possible without the help of the IKORCC and the local Training Center. As part of their classes, apprentices framed and helped side the building. Many journeymen and retiree volunteers also lent a hand.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart has agreed to house their removable memorial wall inside the Veteran’s Museum for all visitors to see. The Military Order of the Purple Heart wall contains the names and pictures of everyone who has received the Purple Heart Medal. The memorial pays tribute to all military personnel who have received the Purple Heart Medal. 

The Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters has a history of helping the Safety Village and has taken part in building more than four structures. The next opening will be a Fire Museum.

Pictured are Representative Jim Slagle, Curator and main donator of artifacts Tom Clark, Doctor of the Safety Village Bill Jarvis and Member volunteer John Mosca.

Not pictured but who gave countless hours are retirees Tom Dorsey and Swede Carlson. Thanks to all our members who helped make the possible.


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Relationship Forming with OhioMeansJobs

  • dbriggs
  • 11 December 2018

OhioMeansJobs hosted a seminar of over 20 counties for their workforce staff during a season where work opportunities seem scarce. Fortunately, for OhioMeansJobs, IKORCC’s Lee Daher was at the ready to provide answers to the organization. 

Lee has spent the last 20 years in the Brotherhood, five of which as a Business Agent. During the presentation, his personal anecdotes about time in the apprenticeship program appealed to the audience and he explained that a couple of injuries set him back graduating on time. He was never discouraged, though, and the apprenticeship program was flexible to ensure he graduated. Lee assured the group that all safety measures are in place but carpentry is definitely a “full-contact sport” and training is taken very seriously. He shared that the persistence and drive of the individual student will carry that apprentice through the program and career with much more ease. He continued to explain that each training center is standardized across the country due to instructor training that takes place and the International Training Center in Las Vegas.

Information provided to area organizations like this is crucial in educating people on who we are. This presentation is one-step forward to forming a symbiotic relationship with OhioMeansJobs. The organization, along with IKORCC, share mutual goals of strengthening Ohio’s workforce and the state at large. 

Click here to learn more about OhioMeansJobs.



Co-authored by Giana Parsons


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Ashland Members Lend a Hand

  • lnix
  • 28 November 2018

Last week, Ashland members were busy giving back their time and talent to the community. Members built a set of stairs and a handicap ramp for the Ashland Alliance Annual Reception. 

The money for the project was donated by Carpenters locals 437, 472, and Millwright locals 1076 and 1090.


A special recognition goes out to Apprenticeship Instructor, Clinton Young and all the Journeyman and Apprentice volunteers who worked on this project. Thank you to Local 472 for allowing volunteers to use your facilities.

Members who worked on this project are from locals 437, 472,1076, 1090 and 1650.

Harmonious Collaboration Across Trades for Harmony House

  • dbriggs
  • 26 November 2018

During this season of giving, it is important to remember that we are all working together. Ever dedicated to philanthropy, our members find any way they can to give back to their communities, with their community. That is why Tim Boggs and Jon Parman of IKORCC teamed up with other trades in the area to help Harmony House, a homeless shelter in Mansfield, Ohio. Together they gathered donations to purchase a new clothes washer.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our members take great care to help wherever they can. We are not a drop and run kind of entity. Tim Boggs hung around Harmony House asking if there were any tasks he could help with and was able to fix Harmony’s freezer. Small acts like this make huge impacts for organizations like Harmony House.  

Harmony House is the only emergency homeless shelter in Richland County. The next closest one is almost an hour away. Two facilities serve nearly 60 people, and they are at capacity, always are. The facilities have women’s, men’s and single fathers’ spaces so that each person has room and security. Each guest at Harmony House operates as a family and has responsibilities like assigned chores and cooking meals. Upon coming to the house, each person is set up with a case manager who helps obtain stable housing, job opportunities and any other resources needed for the guest to succeed beyond the House. Harmony House even finds resources for people to pay security deposits and first month’s rent.

When we all work together and break down barriers, we help create miracles for the people around us. Think about the miracles you can create this season by reaching out to someone in need.

To learn more about Harmony House and its great work, visit their Facebook page.


Educating Indiana Counselors at ISC Fall Conference

  • mkeller
  • 26 November 2018

The IKORCC is making a difference as a sponsor for the Indiana School Counselor Fall Conference. The conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana with nearly 600 attendees from around the state of Indiana eager to learn about opportunities for their students. Attendees of the 


conference were represented as public school counselors of all levels, academy recruiters and graduation pathway coordinators. Our goal in sponsoring the event was to make new connections with key contributors to a student's continued education.

Our time at the conference was full of genuine conversations educating attendees on the opportunities within the IKORCC. During on of the breakout sessions, we had the privilege to meet April Sanchez a School Counselor from Zionsville West Middle School. April was just one of many attendees that thanked us for being part of the event and was thrilled to see the Union Trades being represented at the conference.  

"It is essential that my students learn about fulfilling, high-paying career opportunities that do not require a 4-year degree. Many of our fastest growing jobs are in fields that do not require a bachelor’s degree, but do require industry-specific skill sets. The trades offer students a unique opportunity in that they offer education and employable skills through their Apprenticeship Programs. It is important that our trades be represented at ISCA because kids deserve choice. Many counselors may not feel comfortable discussing the trades because they are not overly familiar with Apprenticeship Programs. Therefore, outreach needs to continue in order to educate the educators who have direct contact with our next generation of skilled labor force."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - April Sanchez, ZWMS School Couselor

We look forward to the many more opportunities recruiting from local high schools and building relationships with schools administrators. It is our mission to educate our community to build a stronger Union for the future. If you were an attendee of the conference and would like to visit a local training center please contact Marcos Martinez at

Building a Community with Strong Hearts

  • mkeller
  • 02 November 2018

The Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters supported an evening of giving and education on the effects of heart health in the construction industry. The IKORCC was the presenting sponsor at the American Heart Association Hard Hats with Heart networking event. We value this partnership because our members face many of the health risks related to cardiovascular diseases on a daily basis. May it be the level of stress they face on a jobsite or the lack of healthy eating options in the surrounding areas, they are all risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. As we move forward in our efforts to keep our members heart healthy, we will be implementing a wellness program that will focus on how to live a healthier life. We will educate members on many topics such as how to maintain blood suagr levels, eating better and reducing blood pressure, to maintaining a healthy weight and stop smoking.

The American Heart Association launched Hard Hats with Heart two years ago in order to focus on heart health within the construction industry. According to the American Heart Association, direct and indirect costs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke total more than $316.6 billion. That includes health expenditures and lost productivity. In order to improve the overall heart health of our membership we must educate ourselves on the risks we may face in our day-to-day activities. The risk factors for construction workers vary from smoking, the lack of a well-rounded diet and high blood pressure, to diabetes and high cholesterol. The widespread presence of heart disease in construction is slightly higher than all other industries. This research comes as a surprise because on average construction workers tend to be younger and they experience physical demands daily. We are flooded with statistics of the risks factors we face as workers in the construction industry. As we are educated on these risks, it is our job to make a change in our own lives so we won't become another statistic.

Hard Hats with Heart is here to provide companies in the construction-related field with free resources and tools that can help improve the health of their employees. We are working as a team to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We look forward to the many lives that will be changed because of the education and resources they will acquire through Hard Hats with Heart.

Indianapolis Carpenters Bring Smiles to Ronald McDonald House

  • lnix
  • 01 November 2018

Nicholas & Olivia - they're just two of the reasons Indianapolis carpenters volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House of Indianapolis last week. Carpenters helped patients and families take a much-needed break from the hospital to build keepsake toolboxes. It's a simple thing that makes a big difference to families.

The Indianapolis event is one of many "Carpenters Caring for Kids" events at area Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio Ronald McDonald Houses. It's just one of the ways our carpenters, millwrights and floorcoverers are building their communities. 

10-year old Nicholas and his mom traveled all the way from Chicago to Riley Hospital for an appointment with his neurologist. His mom is excited about the recent progress he's made in learning to walk, the neurologist in Indianapolis really helped with that. With her other children hours away and a limited income, the ability to stay at the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House is crucial to Nicholas' continued progression. There she can stay for free, have a nice meal with her son and on days when the carpenters are around, she gets to see Nicholas smile while doing something he loves. 

Watch the video below to see just how much this event meant to her and other families staying at the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House. 

IKORCC Brings Union Trades to Junior Achievement of KY

  • mkeller
  • 29 October 2018

The Junior Achievement Center of Kentuckiana is looking a little more diverse this school year with a new storefront that explores skilled trades in carpentry, floorcovering and as a millwright. 

It’s a perfect time for students, to learn more about the high paying careers in skilled trades, an area that is experiencing a nationwide shortage of skilled craftsman. The Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to introduce Union Trades into the Chase JA Finance Park.

The Chase JA Finance Park will be a sight to see and you won’t want to miss it! The walls of the space are designed to take students through the stages of being a Union Tradesman. As you make your way through the space you’ll see descriptions of milestones, salaries, great benefits and the opportunities for growth. We are thrilled to be part of the Junior Achievement Center of Kentuckiana.

Chase JA Finance Park sets the scene for middle and high school students to live a day in the life of an adult with a career, job, family, and a background that creates their lifestyle. Based on many factors the students create and use their personal budget while in JA Finance Park. Students will be assigned a job working for the IKORCC and will learn to live life as a Union Carpenter.

The IKORCC represents more than 32,000 professional tradespeople in 33 locals in Indiana, Kentucky, and parts of West Virginia and Tennessee. A proud affiliate of the

United Brotherhood of Carpenters, which has a century-plus tradition of representing the best of building trades.

The IKORCC has proudly partnered with local schools in the area to provide Career Connections Curriculum for the building trades instructors. The provided Career Connections material will prepare their students for their future Apprenticeship Program with the IKORCC. The new partnership with the Junior Achievement Center represents the dedication the IKORCC has to building a strong community.



Cleveland Carpenters Build Hope with Ronald McDonald House

  • dbriggs
  • 18 October 2018

The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) has a deep history of building our communities in more ways than one. This week the IKORCC partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland and RGI to build toolboxes and dreams through a program called Carpenters Caring for Kids. Carpenters Caring for Kids visits local Ronald McDonald houses with the goal of brightening each child’s day through hands-on building activities.

With the help of volunteers, kids at the Ronald McDonald house put together and colored toolboxes where they can store toys, trinkets, and hope - a crucial tool in battling whatever ails them. For many of these families, events like this are some of the only cheerful moments they get to share with each other. Siblings were seen helping one another and bonding during this time of rare escape.

The room was never void of smiles from parents, volunteers and most importantly, the kids. As soon as families walked into the room they let go of the rest of the day and just had a great time. We celebrated each completed toolbox with a certificate, picture, hearty laughter and a cookie donated by Gatherings Kitchen of Lakewood, Ohio. It was a sweet ending to a very special evening.  

Click here to see an album with photos from the event

Special thanks to:

  • Every family overcoming medical adversity
  • Scott Lovasz, Group Partnership Manager, Ronald McDonald House
  • Molly Cairnes, Guest Services Manager, Ronald McDonald House
  • Gatherings Kitchen – Lakewood, Ohio

Building Community Partners at AIA Ohio Conference

  • mkeller
  • 10 October 2018

In early October 2018, the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) was a Platinum Sponsor at the AIA Ohio Convention in Toledo, Ohio. AIA Ohio is part of the elite society of the American Institute of Architects. The society shares similar concentrations to the IKORCC. Both organizations are working to produce positive legislative and governmental development in licensing requirements and construction appropriations.

IKORCC’s very own, Jay Patz, Instructor from Northwest Indiana, spoke in a breakout session highlighting ICRA patient safety in facilities. Jay shared astonishing statistics from the Centers for Disease Control regarding hospital associated infections. Those statistics included information about patients who survived infection to those infections that led to death. Within the scope of those statistics, 5,000 of patients lost their lives due to a construction related hospital associated infection.  

It is IKORCC’s goal to open the line of communication for pre-planning opportunities. Jay showed that this level of communication will allow for patient safety to be the number one priority, and increase the effectiveness of the architect and workers on the jobsite.

Keynote Speaker, Coren Sharples, founding partner of SHoP Architects, wowed her audience with new unconventional ways to approach design. Her designs focus on the beautifully practical. The future holds learning opportunities for IKORCC apprentices and the Council at large. The convention was capped with many educational avenues with which the Council can engage.