2016 Open House and Apprenticeship Competition

The IKORCC had it’s 2016 Open House’s throughout our three-state region. The IKORCC is leading the construction industry by providing the best trained workforce and our open houses showcase just that. What we provide is a career, not just a job. If you are interested in our program or how we can help complete your construction project on time and on budget, contact us at a location near you.

UBC Productivity And Competitiveness

Our success depends on UBC members who are productive and contractors who are competitive. And we’re leading the way

One new program of the UBC that is paying huge dividends immediately is our ICRA best practices training program.

This program has produced significant work opportunities for UBC interior systems carpenters.

UBC Training

Apprenticeship and Training

Across America, the UBC spends over $200 million on training – with more than 200 training facilities and over 2500 full-time, dedicated instructors.

And, despite the down economy, the UBC’s journeymen and apprenticeship programs have continued to advance while ensureing the UBC sustains its strength in the construction industry.

Click here to contact your nearest training center:

UBC Dept. of Education

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters Department of Education is implementing the plan set by the general president to build strong leaders.

UBC Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud is infecting our industry – stealing from honest contractors and depriving UBC members from work.

We have to stop this crime if we want our contractors survive.

2015 Open House And Apprenticeship Competition

Every year we welcome students, elected officials, contractors and many more to tour our expansive facilities. Guests not only get to see up close the hands-on training apprentices can take advantage of, but get to see them in action with the apprenticeship competition! Additionally, there are a few tasks guests can try their hand at. Will we see you in 2016?

2015 IKORCC Graduation Featured Speaker, Jerome Stanford – Indianapolis

Jerome Stanford, selected speaker for the Indiana/Kentucky completion banquet in December 2015, speaks to the crowd of hundreds in attendance. The men and women who graduated this evening are no longer apprentices, but now journeymen and journeywomen, including Jerome Stanford! Congratulations to everyone for all your hard work!

Career Connections

IKORCC “ICRA Best Practices” Indiana

JBH Productions, INC. Produced promo for Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters for the Infection Control Risk Assessment Training program.